Thanks for an Awesome Run!   Happy Holidays.

Ingenious New Comedy for the Christmas Season.

Dec 4th -20th

Holiday of Errors Calendar

Winner of TWO Seattle Times Footlight Awards!

12th Avenue Arts

Christmas Eve, 1593. Marlowe was dead to begin with.

Between writer’s block, a plague-ridden London and the theatre-hating Puritans, William Shakespeare faces the end of his career.  Then a ghostly visit from the late Christopher Marlowe and a last minute invitation to perform for Queen Elizabeth give the Bard a flicker of hope.  But the not-so-virgin queen has some saucy plans of her own.  A dash of Richard III, a dose of A Christmas Carol and a dollop of Twelfth Night add up to a real Holiday of Errors!

“Holiday of Errors is [a new] star in Seattle’s holiday-theatre constellation.” 

-Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

Everyone tries to create the holiday alternative show and Lawler and Flint have come up with one that has the potential to become a staple, not just here but all over the country.”

– Jay Irwin, BroadwayWorld.com

“Often ingenious packed with antic wordplay, Holiday of Errors has a license to exaggerate and turn anything topsy-turvy for a laugh.”

– Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

“Double entendres, slippery syllables, rapid-fire wordplay, and sly jokes! If you are a fan of any or all of these, if you like Shakespeare, then Holiday of Errors is for you.”
-Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage/Seattle Rage

Will                        Frank Lawler
Richard                 Chris Shea
Mr. Tosspot/          Patrick Lennon
Edward de Vere
Mr. Stench/           Bob Williams
Marlowe                Daniel Stoltenberg
Hatton                   Ian Bond
Lord Mayor/          Terence Boyd
Elizabeth               Elinor Gunn
Charlie                  Marianna de Fazio
Lou                       Damien Charbineau
Holiday of Errors

“Packed with antic wordplay, both nimble and groansome…Sound Theatre Company has had a breakout year, and this romp closes it on a mirthful note.

– Misha Berson, Seattle Times

“Chews up and spits out the usual cultural baggage of late December-carols, Dickens, puritanical killjoys-with easygoing intelligence.”

– Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

“The best theatrical surprise so far this Christmas season!”

–  Jerry Kraft, Seattle Actor

“The script is often genius. There are puns every 30 seconds or more that whiz by, so get your ears perked to catch ‘em all.”

– Miryam Gordon,Seattle Gay News

Production Team
Teresa Thuman                    Director
Richard Schaefer                 Set and Lighting Designer
Justine Wright                      Costume Designer
Ashley Banker                      Props Designer
Lindsey Morck                      Sound Designer
Jesse Smith                          Composer/Arranger
Xandria Alexander                Stage Manager
Lee Ann Hittenberger           Choreographer
Brandy Barnes                      Dresser
Sarah Barsion                       Asst. Stage Manager
Ben Driskell                           Sound Operator

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