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Sound Theatre Company is proud to announce an experimental performance program designed to share the emerging work of our company members and partners with our growing audience. STC will present evenings of performance at the Center House Theatre when our main productions are not in performance.

The Passion of the Bobby – MAKING WAVES

A Staged Reading002_RFK

by Christopher Bailey

Monday, May 1st at 7:30 pm

Center Theatre at Seattle Center Armory

FREE, donations encouraged

“The Passion of the Bobby” covers the final feverish months of Bobby Kennedy’s quixotic campaign for president in 1968, from the April 4th murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., to his own shooting on June 5th. Despite the fast-approaching 50th anniversary of those murders, America still faces the same divisions: urbanites versus rural whites; the police versus people of color; the wealthy versus the poor; and intervention versus isolationism abroad.

As a candidate, Bobby seeks to bridge these chasms, even as they grow wider thanks to Vietnam, racial discrimination and gun violence. Never one to pander, he educates hostile white communities about the plight of inner-city blacks while never failing to condemn rioting when addressing black communities.

In the end, victories in states that supported George Wallace combined with overwhelming minority turnout confirm that Bobby is in fact bringing people together, suggesting that as President he may indeed have prevented our polarization into so-called Red and Blue states. But as he confesses to Walter Fauntroy, “There are guns between me and the White House.”

About the Author:

Christopher Bailey has had several plays produced in and around Seattle, including Unfound Fossils, Man Defeats Nature and The Undescended. His dramedy, Mandrake and the Marsh People, won the 2001 Christopher Brian Wolk Award from New York City’s Abingdon Theatre Company and was later produced in the Lord Leebrick’s 2005 Northwest Playwrights Festival in Eugene, Oregon. His short plays have been produced in Seattle and New York City, including in the 1998 Samuel French Festival. The Passion of the Bobby is part of a larger series Magic Bullet, which tracks the aftermath of the murder of John F. Kennedy, from then till now. He would like to thank Dawson, who makes every day great. Special thanks to Teresa and Sound Theatre, and to Carissa Meisner Smit