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by Tom Stopparddoggs-party-web

JUNE 6 – 23, 2013 | Center Theatre at the Seattle Center Armory

Tom Stoppard (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead) uses the Bard’s classics to explore the nature of language, censorship and the importance of free expression.

In Dogg’s Hamlet, English schoolboys who speak the language of “Dogg” encounter a befuddled English-speaking delivery man as they prepare for their school production of Hamlet.

In Cahoot’s Macbeth, renegade actors in cold-war Czechoslovakia continue their private performance of Macbeth under the eyes of a police inspector who suspects them of subversion against the state.

In both plays, Stoppard’s smart, witty and gleeful word-play illuminates the power language has in our world.  Appropriate for all audiences.


Photos and poster by Ken Holmes