Spellbinding… Gorgeous! Goblin Market.


A Musical in One Act

Continues through August 27



  •  “Elegant”   
  • “A beautiful production”
  • “Eerie yet magical”
  • “Fantastical” 
  • “Must See!”
  • “Could not have chosen a more apt season finale than Goblin Market!”


“An amazing production of talented and skillful artists of a haunting and provocative storytelling poem, Goblin Market. This is a truly must see production, spellbindingly captivating and imaginatively done.”
“This is a great show–only about 90 minutes, but full of lovely music, balletic movement, poetry, a charming set and, well, just a great piece of theatre. It runs for a very short time, so get your tickets right now!”
“The actors were excellent — good singers and dancers too. I loved the music, the complicate chords struck by the singers and the musicians…a brave show! And I’m thrilled to have seen a show with strong WOMEN!!!”


“The cast’s operatic singing with Montana Tippett’s spooky and elegant scenic design could be enough… I would like to underscore the vocal talent of this cast. All four actors have an impressive range, and bring the show musically from great to excellent (not to mention the show’s live musical accompaniment). Once again, Sound Theatre Company created a specific and grounded physical world made that much more visualized through historically fitting bric-a-brac and evocative lighting.”
– Broadway World   Read the whole review HERE

“Four actors rotate in the roles of the two sisters and their spiritual guides (Miranda Troutt, and Kelly Mak as Laura and Justine Davis and Claire Marx as Lizzie.) On the night I was there all the acting was outstanding as was their singing. Nathan Young directs the music.

Thuman’s crew, especially Production Designer Montana Tippett, Lighting Designer Richard Schaefer, and Sound Designer Lisa Finkral have created an eerie yet magical environment for these spooky psychologically complex goings on. They’ve created a beautiful production, one you’ll be thinking about long after you leave the theatre.” – Nancy Worssam
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“Director (and Producing Artistic Director) Teresa Thuman does a masterful job of painting beautiful pictures and evoking the ethereal settings with minimal sets. Thuman and Choreographer/Fight/Movement Director Lee Ann Hittenberger work wonderfully together, fully utilizing the small cast and filling the stage.”  Drama in the Hood
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August 10 – 27

Goblin Market by Polly Pen, Peggy Harmon, based on the poem by Christina Rossetti
Directed by Teresa Thuman
A dark and atmospheric musical about two grown sisters in the Victorian age who revisit their sexually charged childhood fantasies in an imaginary world of seductive goblins.
Recommended for 12 and up for innuendo and implied sexual themes, but content is not explicit.

Center Theatre, Armory Building at the Seattle Center

Tickets General $25/ Students $15

Based on the poem by Victorian Era poet Christina Rossetti, this

Kelly Mak, Claire Marx

musical blends music, poetry and spellbinding imagery to follow a dazzling journey through the psyches of two sisters. The siblings, Laura and Lizzie, return to their old nursery and unlock the women’s shared past in a child’s game of make-believe. The nursery magically becomes a woodland glen of menacing “goblin fruit merchant men” and one sister Laura, is enticed by the magical goblins and their luscious fruits and promises of unimagined ecstasies. The other sister, Lizzie, bargains anxiously with the goblins to save her sister from forever falling under their spell. This market of goblins forces the sisters to explore and question the present Victorian world they inhabit as women and reconcile that with the erotic yearnings of their adolescence.

Miranda Troutt

configurations as Lizzie and Laura.   Read more about the rotating casts and their schedule HERE.